Our New Macs

by | Jun 17, 2013 | General

We switch from Windows to Apple computers

Our computers were getting slow and Microsoft recently announced that our operating system would no longer be supported a year from now. It was time to upgrade.

We decided to go with Apple instead of sticking with Windows machines for several reasons, but the main one had to do with the computers we all have at home. Away from the office we all use Macs so we wanted to be on the same operating system at the office as well.

But the question remained: will the two vital Windows programs we use work on a Mac? The answer: they run faster on the new Macs than they did on our old windows machines. Based on industry sales figures, we aren’t the only business making this decision.

Marjan talking to Evan using Facetime, the video conferencing system built into Apple computers. 

But what’s in it for you, our clients? Video conferencing is now a reality at Dock Street and that means it can work for client conferences as well. If you have an Apple computer, or an iPad, we can connect through Facetime as demonstrated in the picture. But Skype works well on any platform, so no matter what computer you have, as long as it has a camera, we could set up video conferences.

Does it make a difference? We can tell you from personal experience that it does. We’ve used the video system for over a week and the conversations are different—much more like a face-to-face meeting than like a phone call.

Let us know if you’re interested and we replace the next phone conference with a video conference.

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Daniel A. Ogden


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